The only dedicated cloud-based oil trading software on the market

Who is it for ?

Companies involved in the trading and risk management of crude, refined products, alternative fuels and renewable energy credits.

Techoil is the only dedicated cloud-based oil trading software available on the market. With its pre-integrated ERP, it assists organisations in managing risk and the operations of complex integrated supply chains of crude and refined products, alternative fuels (such as LNG, LPG and Biofuels), renewable energy credits and financial derivatives. Techoil’s inbuilt intelligence provides constant monitoring and flexibility to ensure that margins are protected.

Techoil helps organisations streamline trading, hedging, credit, inventory, and cash flow. It also ensures lean operation management by handling different oil products and their varied supply chains and cost structures such as rail, road, ship or pipeline across different geographies.

In this complex environment Techoil is a platform that allows traders, marketers, operators, risk managers and finance personnel to exchange and collaborate through processes and systems that make the most of the markets in a secure, efficient and reliable manner. It also comes with an integrated BI tool to enable powerful reporting and analytics.

Techoil is a cloud-based, off-the-shelf and flexible product that easily integrates with other back-office applications and market data engines through standard APIs.

Techoil – Top 3 Key Benefits

Specialist platform for the trading of crude oil and refined products

Techoil is built with the knowledge and expertise of Glencore’s Oil division. It addresses the specific needs of the market in which oil traders operate and helps them with managing risk and operating the complex integrated supply chain which directly improves profitability.

One version of the truth – the ONLY complete end-to-end solution

Techoil is an ETRM Platform with a pre-integrated ERP which provides a consolidated view of the business and allows for real-time position management and intra-day profit and loss statements. Techoil covers everything from trading, hedging/risk management to inventory management and financial exposure.

Better insight, improve profitability and minimize exposure

Techoil helps effectively mitigate risks – market, counterparty and operational risks. Techoil’s “embedded BI” and powerful dashboards with drill down capability allow for real-time business indicators and exception management. It provides full visibility on physical and paper trades PnL thanks to real-time trades reconciliation capabilities.

Why choose Techoil?

A purpose built system for traders, wholesalers and bunkering.


The ONLY complete front, mid and back-office solution

Process trades straight-through to invoicing, making Techoil truly ERP agnostic

Effective inventory management functionality

Manage inventory effectively through costing methodology such as weighted average, FIFO and LIFO

Comprehensive and flexible reporting

Access daily PnL, financial exposure, inventory reports and many more. Build customised reports & dashboards

Integrated risk management functionality

Real-time position management and intra-day profit and loss statements at your fingertips

Physical operations planning and logistics

Handle multiple modes of transportation – Vessel, pipeline, barge, rail & road

Pre-built APIs simplifies integration

Pre-built hooks to many 3rd party systems and market data providers

Cost-effective, cloud-based solution

No hardware costs, no expensive maintenance fees and strong disaster recovery protocols

Techoil Overview

A pre-integrated solution

Techoil Dashboards

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